What does certified loose slots mean

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Loose Slots Loose slots are considered the slot machines that pay out more frequently than other slot machines. Loose slots are always the slot machines most popular with the players and are the most sought after. Of course any player will seek out and play a game that frequently rewards them.

What does it mean 5 Slot Level Bonus? :: Help and Tips The max amount of friends you could have without badges or linking facebook is about 250 slots. Link facebook + 1 badge and you get 305 slots. And every badge you craft after that gives another 5 slots. It's not every badge crafted it's every level increase that you get the extra 5 slots on the friends list. Urban Dictionary: SLOT To kill, to put someone in a grave, which is literally a slot in the ground. Slot | Definition of Slot at Dictionary.com an allocated, scheduled time and place for an aircraft to take off or land, as authorized by an airport or air-traffic authority: 40 more slots for the new airline at U.S. airports. Informal . slot machine (def 1) .

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What Is a Loose Slot Machine? Here's Our Guide This doesn't mean the other slots aren't worth your time. They are, but it will take a little more investment on your end. They often have the bigger prizes though. If you do decide to play loose slots in an online casino, keep your bets low. As you build up some winnings, increase your bet to increase your payouts. What does SLOT mean? - Definitions.net

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Slot Machine Questions and Answers - Online Slots Slot Machine Question - Is a slot machine ever due for a payout? No. Slot machines are run by random number generators and each spin is totally random. Just because the slot machine has not had a large payout in months does not mean it is due for a pay out.

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